Shadows of the Empire

Application Form
Tell us about your eve-self, in game experience, past corps/alliances, plans for future etc
How did you hear about Shadow of the Emipre?
Why do you want to join Shadows of the Empire?
Have you flown in Factional Warfare [FW] space before?
Who were your last corporation and why did you choose to leave them?
What is the main thing your wanting to get from joining Shadows of the Empire?
Do you like solo & small gang PvP?
What is your favourite ship?
Imagine this situation. You have just bought a Harbinger Navy Issue and are going on a dank solo PvP roam to haze some minmatar slaves/pirates. You jump through a gate and there is 20 hostiles in a mixture of cruisers, destroyers and frigates on the other side, what do you do?
A gun's pointed at your head and your told to sing something and that if you don't sing well you die, what song do you choose?

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