Speckbauch GmbH

Speckbauch GmbH

Your bacon is our business

Mining, Industry, Hauling & Trade Corporation [SPEBA]
Main Office: Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Akademie
Executive Board
Saraturas, CEO
Aras Semah, CBDO
Esther Aras, CFO

Diplomacy Contact
Jan Janny-Boy Egeland, Chief Diplomacy Officer

Alles für den Speck! - Everything for the bacon!

Speckbauch GmbH Hauling Service
  • Highsec 1-Day Delivery
  • Up to 1.000.000 m3 
  • Contract Processing

We are FAT

Fast, Affordable, Trustworthy


Introvert? No problem!
No muse to constantly sit in discord/voice? No stress!
Want to play alone without any chores? Why not!

We are a quite freshly founded small corp with focus on mining, industry and courier contracts (hauling). Currently we're based in and around the Amarr trade hub.

On mid term we are looking for joining the Brave Collective. We'll need around 20 active (!) members for that.

You are working fulltime (just as we) and want to casually play with a corp without chores and take part in occasional mining operations? (/w Orca Boost)
You do also missions and courier contracts while playing alone? Yes!

You are at least 20+ with the mental maturity of a 12 y.o. (just kidding!) und are proficient in the German or English language? Yes!

You are the proud owner of a mighty bacon-belly?



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