So not a Spy Corp

Hi  We are a eve corp that wants to embrace all that eve can be but with out the politics,  we have access to w-space and will be having a presence in null and lowsec,  our aim is to make isk and pvp,  having access to all areas of eve allows you to make isk,  we are casual players but like to have fun.  we do not tax our players so all ratting and PI all go to you,  we have a requirement  for you to be able to PVP as  everything in eve leads to PVP. 

applications require all alts to submit a full API/ESI if you are not happy with that then please move on.

although the corp is small the experiance in what we have  goes back a long way,  we are aiming to build a place where there is no drama just good laughs and good fun.  we are recruiting for all time zones.


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