Welcome to Thirtyplus Eve HR recruiting page.

Presumably, you're looking for a new corporation in Eve and as such you've found yourself here. This is good, we like new people! We also like our community and as such, our recruitment process takes time (IE it is purposely slow). Clicking on apply will take you to a quick questionaire that will begin the process.

Good luck!

Application Form
We don't want to waste your time! So before we get started, head over to http://www.30plus.org/charter.php and read sections 7 and 8. If you agree, click Yes! (Please note that by clicking yes, you are stating that you have in fact read the information. It will be blatantly obvious to us if you haven't, so do yourself a favour and read it!)
Thirtyplus uses Mumble as the primary comms platform, this is mandatory for fleet operations and in general, for our members for social interaction.
Paplinks are fleet statistics used to gauge corporation health and activity within Goonswarm. Thirtyplus members are required to earn a minimum of 4 STRATEGIC paplinks per months by participating in Alliance fleet operations in order to help the corp maintain good standings with said alliance.
Thirtyplus is a member of Goonswarm Federation. On a Scale on 1 to Banana, how much does this offend you?

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