T O T A L - R E C A L L

Join TOTAL- RECALL a new independent corp with focus in pvp member of null sec Against ALL Authorities. .( pvp/Industry) As part of TOTAL-RECALL we always stand by our allies within war time and peaceful times to help build a better playing experience for all.

Step within the blue-donut and traditional sov warfare and enjoy null space and what it has to offer.

Pvp orientated pilots
Small/midsize pvp
TImezone: EU main, US is work in progress
RL always comes first
Great Isk making opportunities
Daily camps and/or roams
Experienced FCs
Mature group of pilots
No drama our politics
Already Replaced. we live out of Immensea
Real family alliance
Coalition warfare (FIRE Co)
No TiDi
Null Sec/Low
Specially looking for:
Members with similar view and attitude towards eve
Bomber blops pilots
Fleet Commanders (Jr FCs)
Rookie pilots welcome
Industry piots


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