The Ringing Vale

Welcome To The Ringing Vale!

TRV is a Metropolis based industrial, PvE and Defence hi-sec corporation. It's goals are to provide fun and engaging content for members whilst TRV seeks to make its mark on the galaxy map at large. We have weekly events, friendly and helpful members, facilities for all manner of refining & manufacturing, Corp services for members such as buyback program & contract exchange, a strong alliance & coalition, leadership recruitment opportunities, Comprehensive and well organised Discord server and a fun & IRL first focus. What's not to love?!

Interested in joining? You should be!

TRV has a team focus and as such has a few pre-requisites for recruitment.

What we need from you; 

  • The following skills trained to at least level 3: "The Magic 14"; Caldari, Mining, or Minmatar Frigate; skills needed to equip/use missiles, projectiles or mining lasers. See the "Magic 14" here: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/The_Magic_14
  • Completion of Career agent missions
  • Be willing to attend one of our various weekly fleet activities with a Corp Officer or utilise Buyback program once a week.
  • Stay up to date with Discord Server. This is where most planning and discussion is done and we'd hate for anyone to be left out. 
  • Bring a positive and encouraging attitude to the game. We're all in this together. 

Hit the apply button below to allow us access to your ESI for verification (security purposes) and we'll have you joined up in no time!

Good luck! We forward to flying with you :)


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