Cetus Mechanicus

Welcome to Cetus Mechanicus. Don't worry about using or even remember the proper name as we're known simply as Whale.

Please do your best to answer the questions below as accurately as you can.

There is only one question that you can actually get wrong and as an adult community we'd rather everyone be straight with each other and play within their means.

Application Form
What is the current total number of skill points on your main character?
If yes, why do you wish to leave your current corporation?
Character name (main)
Do you have any alts? (Including any you don't intend to join the corp or don't use)

Yes (I want to bring all or some to the corp)

Yes (I don't want to bring them to the corp)

No (I don't have ANY alts)

Is your main character Alpha or Omega?
Which of the following Interest you in the game? (You can choose several)

Combat (PvP)

Combat (PvE)


Industry & Production

Exploration (Data & Relic dead-space sites)

Ignoring any preferences above; are you willing to respond to matters of home defense if you're online?
Do you have any interest in being part of Corporate level manufacturing?
Can you fly any of the following ship types? (Select all applicable)

Strategic Cruiser (eg. Loki, Legion)




Force Recon (eg. Falcon, Pilgrim)

Can you fly any of the following Capital ship types? (Select all applicable)




Are you currently already a member of a player corporation?
What is your time zone?
How often do you LOGIN to the game?
When you do log in to the game, how long do you estimate you are able to play for?

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