White Pearl Initiative

Welcome to White Pearl Initiative Recruitment.

We offer:

  • Relaxed and friendly community
  • No skill level requirement
  • Ore buyback program
  • Loot buyback program
  • Free Skill Packages for beginners
  • Dedicated Discord Server for comms
  • Industry development opportunities
  • Semi-regular fleets in Wormhole Space, fleet Mission runs, Mining fleets, Emerging Threat dealing fleets

We require:

  • English speaking people
  • Ability to use Discord platform and at least be able to listen on comms when in fleet
  • Willing to engage in both Non-Capsuleer and Capsuleer combat
  • Willing to follow a Not-Red-Don't-Shoot rule and also a Don't-Shoot-Without-Reason rule (don't worry, we will still give you plenty of targets)
  • Team players

If you want to join us, answer the questions in the Application Form below (can answer however you like, be it In-Character or Out-Of-Character), then hit the Apply Button and follow the steps.

Then give us time to review your application. We check your answers in order to evaluate your personality, plus we make an ESI (API) info check. May take a day, or more, depending on how busy we are. 

If approved, we will send you further communication or directly an invite via the Neocom.

Thank you for your time. 

Application Form
What brings you to Capsuleerhood? ((What brings you to EVE?))
Do you fly regularly/access the Neocom regularly? If yes, how often?
What is your general attitude towards people?
What is your style - lone wolf pilot, or team player, or can you be both?
If you have some pilot experience already - what is the most exciting thing you have done recently?
Do you like to help people? Do you think that help can be given only when asked for, or do you try to help regardless of that? What is your balance here?
Combat between capsuleers in space can happen. Are you willing to engage in such way, even just for defense, or do you avoid capsuleer combat ((PvP)) in every way possible?

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