1. woopatang

to show excitement after winning a game usually combined with offensive language

robbo:you won da game

james:woopatang muthaf$&@#

Woopatang is currently accepting new members.

Woopatang is a PVP centric corp that has been established for many years. We like to keep it fun, we keep real life perspective, and we love our pew. Sov is not in our future(been there, done that) and we are operating low sec and 0.0. Typical fleets can include anything from frigs to battleships, roaming gangs to black ops, small to medium sized fleets. We are heaviest North American Time Zone, especially in the late evenings. 

Please feel free to contact Guru or Rayzth.  You are also welcome to join our public channel Woopatang.


What we offer: