Critically Preposterous

[CPT-] A PVP-focused corp in the lowsec areas of Metropolis and Heimatar, to us, EVE is just a game, and we play it for the pew.

Critically Preposterous hosts the Hek Fightclub which doubles as the public channel. If you're interested in joining, you will be tested in duels according to the rules of the Fightclub.

What we do:
- Faction Warfare for ISK and PewPew.
- Roaming fleets hunting in the warzone.
- Doctrine ships provided free of charge.
- Teamspeak voice comms.

What is required:
- 10m SP or more.
- Ability to fly a variety of frigates, destroyers and cruisers.
- ESI API permanent full access.
- Presence on Teamspeak whenever possible.
- Killboard "Dangerous" rating above 50%.