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Public Buyback

Public Buyback is now available in Eve-HR. You can see it in action here:

Public Buyback Tutorial

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Public Mining Ops

Public Mining Ops are now possible, these Ops are uncoupled from your corporation and you can invite any eve player to join your Op. You just need to provide them the link displayed in the Public Mining Op.

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New Feature

Thanks to Patron support of Ilirith we have a new feature. This feature is for mining ops which allows you to force the mining op to be either Moon Ores, Regular Ores or All Ores. Thanks for the support, and if you experience an issues please let me know.

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Work continues on the Custom Corp Scopes. It's turning into a larger project than I thought. Currently, I am re-working the look of the ESI Viewer page. I am trying to make things fit better and just have a better appearance in general for the page. I am hoping to also improve the load time, but this may not be entirely possible as Assets take up the bulk of the load times anyway. But, I hope this when completed will make ESI management more accessible for the average eve corporation. As always, if you want to give feedback, please feel free to join discord. Many are always surprised to see, that they can strick up a conversation with me.

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In Progress

So I wanted to talk about a project I have been working on for a while now. Progress has been very slow due to the time I have to work on the project. The project is Custom Corp Scopes. Here a quick look at the initial UI.


Some information on the project. First, once you create a Custom Scope for your Corp, you will need to provide your members with a Custom Login Page for your Corp. This is because without the custom page I would not know what the scope is supposed to be. Using the default login would not tell me what corp they are in until after the login has occurred.

This has been a requested feature and I hope to complete it this month. If you would like to have it sooner, I could always recommend using Patreon to buy me some coding time!

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New Feature In Testing!

Currently the structure fuel warning feature is in testing for people who join Discord. I am still waiting to hear of any bugs that might be in the code. So far so good. My plan is to release it this week. I have also started to working on refreshing the recruitment page section. This will provide viewers with more information about your corp, beyond what you display. It will also allow them to search for corps on the recruitment ads page.

Also, in a small plee which I dont like to do. We have lost a lot of supporters over the summer months. So if you like the project and can spare some coin to support, please become a Patron!

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A Little Update!

One of the most requested features for eve-hr is alliance support. This is an exceedingly difficult complete overhaul of the current system. It involved undoing the silo-ing of every corp. What I mean by that is right now, every corp in eve-hr cannot see other corporations information. This was by design for security and for the multi-tenant function of eve-hr. Now, with alliance functionality, we need to have the same ability for corporations to be on their own, but also be able to be a part of an alliance. So, how are we going to accomplish this? What I am going to do, is first. Change the Patreon goal of 20 Patrons to Alliance Integration. This means when we hit 20 Patrons, you will start seeing Alliance Integration segments show up in the Patron Vote. What I mean by segments is I am breaking out the coding work into small segments, which will be unusable at first but will lead to the completion of the Alliance Integration as a whole. Here are the segments.

  1. Create Organizations: This will be the new security silo. What this means is, that you can add whatever corporations you want into this organization. Or it can simply be your corp by itself.
  2. Auto creation of organizations and moving all current corporation to their new organization. These means that when a corp joined eve-hr, it will auto create an org for their corp and functionality will look similar to what we have today.
  3. Ripping out old Corps Silo for new Org Silo. This will be the longest and most cringe-worthy process of this change.
  4. Organization Creation Wizard: this will allow you to create your new org and allow you to invite other corporations.
  5. User Organization Selections: One of my other ideas was to allow Corps to maintain their own corp section of eve-hr and an alliance section of eve-hr. This will work by allowing the member to switch which one they are currently viewing.

Other things might arise during the whole process, but this is the general overview of what will need to be done.  As I really appreciate the support the project has been getting and look forward to hitting some more goals!

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Ever want to quickly know who an alt belongs to? Well now on Discord you can use the !Who command to see their main character and alts attached. You can also search a main user and it will return all of the alts attached to the character.


Next Features!

Mining Op History is now available for each user under Mining Ops. You can now see all the ops you have been apart of, including the results of the other members who were in the op. The members page has gotten a facelift and a search button to help you search for alts. You can also see fixes and more feature updates under patch notes.


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Next Feature Vote Available For Patrons!

New vote is available for Patrons. Become a Patron and Vote today! You will get to help decide what the next feature is for Eve-HR!


Patrons Voted For Mining Op Overhaul!

I have started working on it and its ready for some testing. You will find Mining Ops under User Controls now. Now anyone can start run an op, there are no more permissions for this. Mining ops will automatically end after three days. Please make sure to add all of your alts prior to starting the op, otherwise wonky stuff happens. If you find a bug, take a screen shot and report it in Bugs in discord. If all goes well, there will be a new vote very soon!


Next Feature Vote Available For Patrons!

The next feature is avaialable for Patrons to vote on. The vote will go till Tuesday and then I will start working on the voted on feature. So if you are a Patron, head over and vote now. If you are not, what are you waiting for! Become and patron and have a voice in what features get added next!


New Bounty System Live!

The new Bounty system and Invoicing system are now live on Eve-HR. You will now be able to view Bounty Tax Income hourly via Corp Management > Bounty Income. You can now also use the Mining Ledger Viewer to invoice miners who do not use you buyback program. It does not currently notify them of a invoice being assigned to them. This will be a future project. If you have any questions, feel free to join Discord and ask.


New Bounty System Incoming

So, I am working on a new Bounty system, that instead of updating once every day, it will update every hour. The issue I am having is issues with getting concrete testing and resolving the issues I am finding. Its an annoying process. But I am trying to make sure its as bug free as possible. What this means is that your members will be able to log in, and see how much income from ratting they have contributed to the corp. It will also display the status of other members. My hope is this will generate excitement and competition among corp mates. If you have any other ideas for this system, please let me know and I would be happy to discuss and possibly add those requests.


Special Deal

For the remainder of the month and new Patron Eve-HR gets will be able to request a help video on a particular peice of Eve-HR. Currently we have reached two new Patrons. Current requests are Price Builder and a new version of the Recruitment section which should include Forms.


Player Testimonial: Exemlot

Been using this for well over a year to keep things running while I'm busy. It's the perfect solution for corps and alliances who aren't established enough to literally have their own IT departments. New updates roll out every couple weeks and it's all free of charge. Give it a shot and wonder why you hadn't used it earlier!

In Delopement

I am currently working on expanding the current bounty system in Eve-HR. I am not happy with it being a day delayed so I am looking at possibilities of getting more frequent updates and have the ability to have running tallies displayed via Discord or in Eve-HR. This will allow you to hold competitions or set goals for your members to reach. Then allowing you to brag in discord. Keep an eye out for more information as work progresses.

Mining Ledger Viewer!

Eve-HR has a new function called Mining Ledger Viewer. This allows you to see the mining ledger of one of your corp members. It will display the ore the mined along with its value per day. It shows a total at the bottom of the screen.

You can also select the option include alts. This will get all of the ledgers tied to the main account. Its a simple way to see what your members are mining and what their tax amount should be.

The next step for this function is to include the ability to invoice members for outstanding tax amounts. You will no longer need to worry about corp members who are mining and dodging taxes. You will only need to send them an invoice for their outstanding tax amounts and wait for them to pay. At first payment confirmation will be a manual process, with another stage later allowing for automation.

Recruitment Feature!

Eve-HR has the ability for you to view the ESI information of individuals who want to join your corporation. You can learn more about it here.

The video does not cover newer functions like recruitment forms. The recruitment forms feature allows you to add questions to your recruitment web page. Applicants will be required to fill out the questions on applying.

Discord Bot!

Eve-HR integrates with your Discord Server. It has the ability to Authenticate new corp member providing them with the Proper Roles and removing them when they leave the corp.

It can also, give privileges to people looking to talk to a recruiter, so your recruitment channel does not need to be public.

It allows you to customize your welcome message.

As well the bot can post updates from Eve-HR to desired channels.

You can even have it post kill mails and losses to a desired channel.

Learn more about it under Setup > Discord Bot.

Patreon Post: New Feature - New Member Guide

This feature has now been added. If everyone likes it, it will replace the welcome page. Please provide feedback over on Patreon.

The Post

Patreon Post: New Feature - New Member Guide

Eve-HR is slowly turning into a tool to help manage your corporation. I have also received a lot of requests for additional functionality and over time they will get added. I am doing this site in my spare time while trying to be a father of a 1 year old and working full time. So don’t expect rapid expansion of new features. Current Features: Discord Integration Corp Fitting Assessments (See what members can fly what) Logistics Order Forms Custom Price Building Function (Design your own equation for what you want to pay for items based on Jita pricing) Set Your Refine Percentages For Ores Allows Members to Sell Anything To Your Corp Mining Op Tool (Uses Mining Ledger to Manage Final Payouts of Ops) (Currently Bugged) Corp Loyalty Points (As a member pays tax you can set the value of isk per point) Corp Loyalty Point Store Ore Values Per M3 Based On Your Custom Pricing (Refined Mineral Values) Recruitment Pages Current Requests Features: SRP (TBD) Refining for Modules (TBD) Taking Suggestions and more… For Questions Or Comments Please Join https://discord.gg/hBezXsQ