Aggressive Intent

Aggressive Intent

Is  A HS Incursion/Mission Running/Mining Corp Non War Eligible We

Also Have LS/Null/Alliances Connections For those who wish to Move

To Low Sec and or Null Sec Areas More or Less At the Moment we are

a safe haven from wars so players can make there isk relatively safely

Mind you this does mean Eve space is safe so no AFK while in game outside station

We do however want our zKillboard be decent so members who consistently Die because

AFK or doing stuff should not do or go space that not know how operate properly are subject

Too Dismissal We have A lot experience all types of space LS/Null/WH etc So easy ask questions

find help need learn how do operate them systems. Mind you we are doing HS stuff But we also may goto PvP again since founder of Corp is a PvP guy so we wont start Wars but in Future we may assist war now and then too keep the PvP members also happy I hope this might be a corp interested in and we look forward too having you we do prefer Omega and some skills but not opposed too Alpha as long as are going to Omega Thanks for your time reading this


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