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Who is the Creator?

My name is Ascorbic and I have played Eve-Online since 2003. I started Eve-HR a little over a year ago as a side project. Over time, users came to me and asked if I could have add functionality to Eve-HR. My current list of planned additions is huge, for example: Discord Integration, Ship Replacement Program, Alliance Integration, Fleet Ops Management and more.

If you have any questions, or need help please connect to our Discord:
Eve-Hr Discord If you want to see sneak peaks at what I am currently working on, check out Discord or Patreon. Both places sometimes get screen shots and descriptions of current projects. I always listen to feedback and take opinions into account. So feel free to tell me what you think, even if you hate something, I want to know.

What is Eve-HR?

Eve-HR is a third party application for Eve Online that is designed to help you run your corporation. You are able to view your members Esi information allowing you to keep an eye out for spies. Looking to track recruitment and have a way to view applicants Esi? Eve-HR has the power. It also can do:

  • Ore Buyback
  • Check if members can fly ship fits
  • Logistics
  • External Links
  • Corp Recruitment Ads
  • Corp Loyalty Points
  • Alert Members By SMS or Email
  • Bulletins
  • And Moreā€¦

Here is a video explaining recuitment.

Eve-HR is constantly evolving, just like Eve. The best way to stay up to date with changes and future projects is by reading the Patreon page.

Fitting Tool

What Can Your members fly?

  • Import your ingame fits at a click of a button.
  • The tool will reference skills of users that have logged into eve-hr.

Logistics Module

Logistics Orders

  • Members can place orders to be completed by your logistics department.
  • They can track their order and see the total estimated price of the order.
  • Users can use Eve's MultiBuy tool to create a list of items, and export and paste into eve-hr.

Logistics Settings

  • Grant users access to haulers interface.
  • Logistics Settings include Settings Prices for:
    • Price Per High Sec System
    • Price Per Low Sec System
    • Price Per Null Sec System
    • Price Per M3
    • Tax Rate (Tax Goes To Hauler)
    • Point Value for each completed logistics order
    • Refining works properly for all corporations.

Logistics Hauler UI

  • Your logistics team will have an interface where they can accept and complete orders.
  • They can view the items list and use the Copy To Clipboard tool to enter the items into Eve's MultiBuy Tool.

Sell To Corp

Sell Items

  • Confirm or Reject orders, view the orders items and the tax collected.
  • Users are provided with the price, and can submit the order to your corp via contracts.
  • Allows you to quickly confirm the items in the contract and accept for the correct price.

Build Your Price Tool

Sell Items

  • Create your own custom price formula.
  • Apply the market up you want to get prices from.
  • Now you will get accurate prices for your market hub.

Corp LP Store

Points For Users

  • Corp members ratting or mining can earn points to spend in your store.
  • Assign the tax amount paid to point value.
  • Can run daily to tally points for your members.
  • Members can use points to get rewards, or jus their name at the top of the leader board.


Name Amount
Jonathan $15
James $5

I sincerely thank you for your support of this project.
With every donation, I show my wife so I can work on this project more.

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