Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can anyone view my ESI info?
Answer: No, this is limited to Corp and to people applying to a corp.

Question: Who has access to the Database?
Answer: Only me. I would rather build an awesome site then risk it by screwing people over.

Question: Self Hosting Availabe?
Answer: Yes. When people stop asking me to add stuff, I'll make a video on this.

Question: Is it open source?
Answer: No.

Question: Will it be open source?
Answer: When I no longer wish to or am able to support it.

Question: What can I see in the database?
Answer: Not a whole lot. I only store limited information. Mostly public info that can be accessed with out your esi or info I need to have to make things run faster, like skills for checking fittings. Other than that, Info is pulled cached and then dumped.

Question: Does it work for an entire alliance?
Answer: No, this would be a huge undertaking in code changes. However, I made it a Patreon goal, so once we hit that number I will do it, just like the Discord Bot.

Question: How often is it updated?
Answer: All the time, if its suddenly slow or not responding, im pushing an update.

Question: Why do people say your stealing info?
Answer: People suck? Or they want something, like for it to be open source and when they don't get their way, they spread lies and misinformation.

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