Brassum Industry and Mining Initiative

In BIAMI, common prosperity is our goal!

BIAMI is looking for players interested in joining a new community and helping us build the greatest industrial corporation in New Eden! While the others are killing people and making enemies we are making ISK and friends!

For more information, check out our WEBSITE!
Application Form
What is your primary interest in Eve? (i.e. Mining, Industry, PvE, PvP, etc.)
What do you expect BIAMI to provide you as a member of our corp?
How long have you been playing Eve Online?
BIAMI is a friendly and social Mining/Industrial corporation. How do you see yourself fitting into a corp like that?
Was there a player who recommended BIAMI to you? If so, who?
Do you have Alt characters? If so, what are their names?
BIAMI does not tolerate hate speech, verbal abuse, or anything else deemed 'hostile' between corp members. Do you understand this and agree to conduct yourself accordingly?



When are you normally online, so we can contact you for an interview?

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