Be Nice Inc.

A LGBTQ+ Corp Looking to Get Our Gay Agenda All Up In Your Wormhole

Do you long for the good old days of EVE? When the Galaxy was full of rainbow farting space unicorns ridden by sparkling LGBT warriors, smearing their gay agenda all over everybody's spaceships? When the memes your corp members shared with you weren’t all alt-right shitposts and you could just be yourself without dealing with people REEE-ing in your face? Us too! I mean, that time never existed, but it sounds awesome so we long for it anyway!

Be Nice Inc. is a group of (mostly queer) leftist internet spaceship pilots here to blow up fascists and ask questions later. Our primary activities are wormhole PVP, PVE and Exploration for small groups. Players of all TZs are welcome. Our main requirements revolve around your personal character as opposed to your EVE character(s). 


What do we offer?

Community - Our corp is a place for women, LGBTQ+ players and anyone else who has struggled to find the right community in EVE. We have zero-tolerance for any kind of misogyny, racism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, fascist-bootlicking or any other behavior that takes the fun out of the game for our members by putting them down. All are welcome so long as they adhere to the expectations of our community members.

Training - We're happy to take on players who are new to PVP and we do lots of training on Singularity together to help folks learn the basics of PVP.

Small Scale PVP - Our primary focus is small scale PVP in wormhole space. Although we do occasionally wander out to welp ships in lowsec or duel each other in honorable venture combat, most of our time is spent crashing into people's wormhole systems and pewing their spaceships.

Free Stuff and Ships - Moving into a wormhole can be tedious, moving into your very first wormhole even more so. We provide our members with cheap T1 ships they can use until they finish moving their ships into the hole. This way you can join us in activities almost immediately.

Industrial Facilities - Industry isn't our main focus, but we support our members who want to get into wormhole space industry with whatever facilities you need to get started.

Buy Back Program - No need to haul your goodies to a market yourself, you can sell anything to us at 90% Jita Buy price and let us worry about hauling it out.


Corp Commandments

Be Nice - To your corp mates, your targets, your mothers, everybody. We’re here to have fun, not to ruin it for other people. We might blow people up, or gank their ships, but we do it with a smile. If we talk in local, it’s to say “good fight” and “Thank you for letting us shoot you”. We’re like lesbian versions of Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse.

Give Fights - We strive to engage hostile fleets whenever possible and we expect all of our members to be willing to fight when the opportunity arises. Your first thought when you see a hostile ship on Dscan should be ‘How do I explode this person and add their corpse to the display case?’ and NOT ‘How do I flee and then roll the hole to avoid this person?’.



Not a dick

Motivated to actively scan out and hunt in our chain

Excited to hang out on comms when out and about

Prior PvP and wormhole experience preferred

Skill Requirements:

Cloaking IV, Astrometrics IV, Astrometrics Support Skills III

Gallente & Amarr Cruiser IV (Or any T3 cruiser with all subsystems at IV or V).

About Our Requirements: 

We don’t like gatekeeping, but wormhole space is tough for low-SP folks who are still new to the game. We like having new players join us in our Discord so we can hang out with you, give you advice and occasionally rope you into one of our fleets while you train up and find your footing. Once you meet our requirements and you’re ready for wormhole space, we’ll still be here. PM one of our recruiters to join us on Discord. <3





US Recruiters: SpinZy, Matthieu Mercier, XVXTeacherVXV

AU Recruiter: DasSpec en Chalune

EU Recruiters: JC Decaux, Thor Auriga

Corp & Alliance Diplomats: SpinZy (US), Lane Davaham (EU)


Application Form
What is the name of your main character?
What are your preferred pronouns?
What Time Zone are you in?
Do you have an Omega account?
What attracted you to our corp in particular?
How much time have you spent in wormhole space?
What is your favorite ship to fly?
Are you willing to use a mic and hang out on coms while you are online?
Are you willing to fight or at least TRY to fight almost anything and everything that you find?