Black Rams

Black Rams get your Horns and feast with us!

If you're looking for some intense, heart-racing PVP experiences and the thrill of pirate life, then low security space has you covered. You can join a host of nano- and small-gang fleets and get a firsthand feel for what pirate life is like. Recruitment is always open, so don't be afraid to take the plunge and try your hand at becoming a notorious outlaw. You could even hop onboard a Black-Ops ship and venture deep into nullsec to carry out clandestine operations and come back with a hefty payout. It's all waiting for you in lowsec.
What we offer

What we offer:

EU/AU Timezone
Small gang/Nano, Black-Ops, ESS, Filament,
PVP training
PvP training.


Headset + Mic.
have Discord.
Basic English speaking.
Willing to train Fleet Doctrine ships.

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Application Form
Where are you from?
What's your timezone?
Through wich platform have you found our advert?
Wich days are you normally active?
How many hour's a week are you active?
What's your Age?
Do you have a working Mic/Headset?
Have you finnished the Tutorials?
Wich Proffessions will you be interested in?

PvP, Pirate Faction Warfare, Wormhole Raider, Industrialist, Miner, Explorer/Scout, Logi/Healer

Are you willing to comply training for Ships we need?

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