Welcome to BTC.

Recruitment is OPEN !
We have a linear supply chain control corporation, going from raw materials to production.
BTC is always open to Reactions-on-demand.  You provide the materials, we provide the product.
BTC Corp. is looking for New and Experienced pilots who are interested in Mining, Research, Manufacturing, and protecting what you build.
Both Alpha and Omega Clone pilots are welcome.
If you have PvP experience, that will be considered a plus, But we are NOT a PvP Corp.
1) Occasional mining fleets w/Orca-Porpoise support.
2) Ore buy-back
3) Guidance in Research, Mining, Manufacturing, Moon Mining, Reactions, and Planetary interaction.

4 goals:
Have Fun
Learn about EvE
Make ISK
RL is first

Application Form
Are you an Alt? If so, your primary's name.
What is you focus in EvE...(Mining, Exporation, PvP...etc.)
What is your Time Zone?

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