Citatic Inc.

Citatic, Inc is rebuilding and looking for active USTZ pilots to fly in Losec and WH space!

We offer:
- Alliance small-gang roams
- Mid-size fleet PvP
- Alliance TS3
- Corp Discord - discord.gg/55bFGb2TS4
- Corp logistics and hauling
- A C2 for learning how to live in wormholes.
- Chill and casual atmosphere
- frequent mining fleets for anoms and moons

We are looking for pilots who:
- Are active in USTZ or EUTZ
- Have ~3,000,000 SP
- Are interested in losec pvp, wormhole farming and pvp, industry, or any combination of the above.
- Have a Headset/Mic for voice comms
- Are willing to train into fleet comps
- Want to fly in corp/alliance fleets. No PAP links or required activity, but if online during a fleet and nearby, try to help as best you can.

Join our Discord or join the "C-TAT Recruitment" channel if you have any questions!
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What are you most interested in?
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