Caprican Initiative

Our Mission: The Caprican Initiative is a dedicated group that looks to serve and enhances the new player experience. We focus on helping the players learn the game mechanics as well as PVP. We are also dedicated to improving the standards of living for new players. We chose to reside in Impass to allow our members numerous opportunities for both content and ISK generation. Due to operating in Impass, we are Not Blue, Shoot It(NBSI).Caprican Initiative is a proud member of the DRONE WALKERS alliance.
Focus: We focus on Small Gang PVP. We fund PVP through Null Sec PVE (Combat sites & Exploration)
What We Offer:
  • • Weekly Corp Fleet (Both PVP & PVE)
  • • Indy Division
  • • Free Skill Books (up to 5 million ISK per book)
  • • 10% Corp Tax
  • • Discord (Required for all members)
  • • Corp Buyback Program
  • •Alliance TeamSpeak
  • • Ore Buyback
  • Corp JF Service
Future: 1. Long-Term (6-12 Months):
  • a. We would like to establish a citadel that is owned and operated by us to act as a physical headquarters for our member. [COMPLETE]
  • b. Setting up a Ship Replacement Program (SRP)
  • Establish a Black Ops division
Short Term (1-5 Months):
  • a. We are currently working on getting logistics worked out so that we can transport members’ items to and from high sec for market deliveries and items that members wish to sell. [COMPLETE]
  • b. We would like to gain at least 20 members (New & Old) [COMPLETE]
    • Reach 60 Members
  • c. We are hoping to expand the number of corp fleets every week. (Currently, we are at 2 events a week)
  • d. We plan to set up a discord server for an out-of-game chat. [COMPLETE]
  • e. Regional Sovereignty Defense [COMPLETE]
What We Look For:
  1. We want members who will participate is CTA Defense Fleets.
  2. We want members who take the initiative (generating their ISK).
  3. We want members who don’t mind losing ships (no out of control rage)
  4. You don’t need to know how to play, but you must be open to playing and learning the game.
If you have questions or are interested PM me here or ingame(Code2200) or join our channel 'Caprican-Recruitment'.
Application Form
How did you hear about us?
What are you interests in EvE?
Can you manage the required 8 fleet hours a month?

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