Dutch East Querious Company

About Us

DEQC is a family of players dedicated to bringing life to null sec. We were founding member of both Phoebe Freeport Republic (PFR) and Asteria Concord. (ACORD); We now live in The Kalevala Expanse as part of Pandemic Horde.

What we do


Our main focus is PVP. While our members have different interests and are free to follow those. The expectation is that they are PVPers first and foremost so when they are required to fight, they step forward.


PvP is an important part of life in DEQC, but isn't really possible without our members who fly in support roles (Logistics, ECM, Tackle etc.) a lot of the operations we take part in just wouldn't be possible.

We believe that everyone in a fleet can be useful, even if you're new to the game and don't have many skillpoints, you could still be the hero who keeps the FC alive, jams the enemy logistics or tackles a hostile capital.


The alliance has a fantastic industry structure set up to allow pretty much any kind of industry you can find in the game. Whether it's ratting, mining, building T1 ships or even building Titans, this can all be done with the current setup.


New Eden is a big place and there's tonnes to see and do out here. Whether it's scanning down wormholes to run the sites inside or searching to valuable loot from the many data and relic sites in our space we've got you covered.

Join Us

What We Offer

  • A fun and friendly community.
  • Access to the DEQC TS3 & Discord Servers.
  • Access to Corporation Services.
  • Constant PvP opportunities.
  • Corporation SRP
  • Space for Ratting, Mining & Planetary Interaction.
  • Access to a range of Citadels and Engineering Complexes.


  • Always obey the golden rule: "Don't be a dick."
  • Be a part of our community and take part in corp/alliance events.
  • Actively be on TS3/Mumble.
  • A microphone is highly reccommended to get the most out of being a DEQC member and part of our community.
  • Be willing to get in fleet and PvP when needed.


  • 18+
  • We don't take alts (unless you're applying with your main).
  • Minimum character age of 3 months
  • 10 million SP minimum
  • Self Sufficient for ISK
  • Alpha Clones will only be accepted:
  • Have a vouch from a current member.
  • A current or former member.


  • Demonstrable consistent activity for the previous 3 months (e.g. zKillboard)

  • Cap alt (Dread/FAX/Carrier)

  • Logi pilots

  • Links pilots


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