Darkening Skies

Who are we ?

We are a small but close group of like minded individuals who align themselves with the Triglavian Collective. Our focuse is on many areas of pvp and pve. We are always looking to grow our knowledge and skill with in eve online and also enjoy sharing our knowledge with new players or players who may not share the same experiences as our members.

Should you consider joining us?
The answer is yes! if you are...

- a new, returning or experienced player with an interest in or curiosity about all things triglavian
- looking for a small group that are all very close and always willing to help
- looking for a group that understands that real life happens and should always come first!
join our public channel "DSkies PUB" talk soon
Application Form
What are you looking for in a corp?
What is your normal time zone for playing?
How much PVP experience do you have?
How much active time will you have for eve?
Do you have a sense of humor?
Skillpoint Range?

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