Eve Defence Force

Who is Eve Defence Force?

We are one of the oldest corporations still around in Eve today, having formed back in 2003, we are veterans of many wars, and founders of the original Draccous Station upon which all Amarr Faction Fortizars are now based.

Our primary focus is on PvP with a heavy focus on Capital and Super Capital pilots so you must at least be very close to completing the training for a Dreadnought or an Apostle FAX.

So what do we want from you?

Regular activity.
Fly a Dread and/or FAX (or be in the final stages of training for it).
Fly a Recon (for cynos)
Be capable of flying a variety of ships.
A willingness to be on TS.

In return, we will offer you:

Daily PvP.
Opportunities to use Capital ships/Supers.

A variety of special interest groups including Blops
Alliance SRP.
Corp Cap Fuel SRP.
Corp & Alliance Discords.
Fitted ships on contract.
Jump Freighter courier service.

I’m sold! Where do I sign up?

Apply via Eve-HR (the apply button is below if you're reading this there)

You can also:

Join our in-game channel The EDF Bar
Jump on our discord (use your Eve character name).
Or just reply here and we’ll contact you directly.
Killboard is here 

Application Form
If you cannot currently fly one, which are you training for?
Where did you hear about us?
What Time Zone do you play on?


U.S. Eastern/Central

U.S. Mountain/Pacific/HT


What Dread do you fly?





None (see next question)


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