Everything For Efficiency

Hello Pilots o7,

Everything for Efficiency is a corp run by two experienced FC's, we live in nullsec, in the alliance WE FORM BLOB. We want to grow and teach newer players and veterans players knowledge of the game and the PVP aspect of the game.

What we offer as a corp:

✘ Null Sec Space ✘ 

✘ PvP Fleets with SRP ✘

✘ Isk making 30-120mil per hr, From moon mining, to Ratting, to Planetary Interaction. ✘

✘ Ice Belts & High End Ore's ✘

✘ Professional and experienced FC's ✘

✘ Capital Warfare ✘

✘ Buyback (Coming Soon) ✘

✘ Lots of Knowledge of the game ✘

✘ 1 on 1 Mentoring and Training ✘

✘ Isk Making Fleets ✘

✘ NewBro Friendly! ✘

Real life always comes first with us, we want to build a family, of people that have fun playing the game and enjoy playing together.

If you feel we are a place for you please join our Public Channel EFE-X Pub 

Application Form
What tyoe of things do you like to do in EVE?
What timezone are you in?
Are you willing to PVP?
Any nullsec Experience?

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