Tired of grinding rock alone? Worried about those pesky gankers cutting in on your profitability? Are you a new capsuleer struggling to learn the insĀ 

and outs of what it takes to survive in this universe?

Then FOX FIRE INDUSTRY is the corporation for you!

We are a small group of experienced capsuleers looking to help the next generation of industry entrepreneurs build a haven to cut their teeth on.

Our corporation is devoted to ensuring your success in any endeavor you want to take on. With our combined knowledge, support structure, and

corporate incentives in place, we can assure you 100% success guaranteed!*

*Do to the nature of the limited government and oversight in our galaxy, as well as no regulatory body to verify these clams. No actual guarantee can be made or upheld.
Truth of it is you get out what you put in.

So if your looking to start your career off the right way, come on by our recruitment office and say hi.

We offer:

  • Ship replacement programs: All ships lost during fleet excursions and any ship lost in hisec meeting our ship fitment policy will be replaced (ship only)
  • Ore buyback program: We meet Jita prices through a self updating system to give you the best prices on ore buyback
  • Corp loyalty points program: Participation in corp fleets and other programs will alot you with corp loyalty points, which can be exchanged for max researched bpcs and other items
  • Training seminars: We host semi-weekly training for various topics, want to focus on a particular topic, suggest it to a corp admin and we'll plan a focused training around that topic
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What interests you in Eve?
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Planetary Interaction




Mission running


Are you willing to participate in corp run fleets and programs
If you have alts, will you bring any of them into the corp

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