Harbingers of War

Harbingers of War is a Gallente corporation that seeks out opportunities for ISK & risk throughout New Eden.
Taxes and profits go towards corporate activities, growth, and development. We offer:
- 90% Jita Buy Back
- Supplies & equipment at cost
- Varity of fleets and activities from PvE to PvP and those in-between.

Regardless of your chosen career path (or lack thereof), we have opportunities for you. Seasoned vet or newbro, we have a home for you. We are looking for:

- Enforcers: To run missions and improve standings for these corporations and their respective factions: Boundless Creations, Brutor Tribe, Caldari Navy, Emperor Family Academy, Federation Navy, and Sisters of Eve. Including small fleets to clear NPCs from belts and combat anomalies.
- Explorers: To map cosmic signatures and wormholes, clear data and relics sites, and scout for fleets.
- Industrialists: To mine, ice and gas, with fleets that vary between High-Sec, Low-Sec, Null-Sec, and J-Space. Courier contracts from the corporation, it's members, clients, and allies may also be available.
- Soldiers of Fortune: To fight for freedom and democracy by enlisting and fighting for either the Gallente or Minmatar Militia in Low-Sec hunts, roams, and camps. Or support our sales and production team by eliminating neutrals in camps, hunts and roams through Low-Sec, Null-Sec, and J-Space.

Those interested in joining please fill out the following questionnaire. It is a bit lengthy, but we are a small group looking to expand while maintaining a quality gaming community for our members and friends.

For questions, comments or concerns please feel free to join our public in-game channel "Harbingers of War", our Discord server, or send a message to R Struction.

Application Form
Tell us a bit about yourself.
What are your current activities?
What activities are you looking to participate in and or willing to to contribute to?
What are/is your biggest accomplishment/s in EVE so far?
What are your short-term goals, and how do you plan on achieving them?
What are your long-term goals, and how do you plan on accomplishing them?
Being part of a group often involves participating in projects, fleets, events, and etc., what is your ideal role?
What is your preferred location to operate in?
What are your expectations for corporate activities, events, and fleets are you looking for?
Why are you interested in our corporation?
What are your weaknesses, and how do you compensate for them?
How do you handle mistakes (your own and those of others)?
What are your strengths, and how do you benefit from them?
What days/times are you generally able to play (EVE time)?

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