GDC Technologies

Who We Are:

We are a Newbro Corporation that specializes in Industry and Mining with a hefty interest in PvP for our Security Forces and Assault Teams. Being heavily involved with our Alliance, we participate in all the Ops and contribute how best we can.

Being a few new corp, I am not going to promise you a vast catalog of entitlements. This is a business and we build what we need so that we get what we want.

With that being said, I can offer you my skills as a leader. I will contribute to your success in every way that I reasonably can. I am working on setting up a community forum (link below) and developing corporate tools that will help you grow as a player and in turn help the corporation. You can be apart of all of that if you want to.

I want to give everyone an environment that they will be relaxed in, have fun, and enjoy participating in. In order for that to work, we expect that you honor our rules, contribute to our goals, and be honest about it. If you feel that you are not getting what you expected out of the company we will help you transition into another corporation within our Alliance.

Looking for:

Eve Veterans. To help guide the companies leadership if not be a leader yourself.

New Eve Players: I myself am one of those and I want to discover Eve with you.

Leadership positions are available. See the list below if you want to take on that kind of responsibility.  You will need to be vetted and approved but I will be happy to work with the right person.


Active Players in US TZ
Team Player
Voice-Enabled (Microphone for FleetOps)
Full API Access with Eve-HR


Newbro Welcome!
Mining and Industrial Opportunities both in Corp and Alliance Ops
Ore Buy Back Programs with generous sell options.
LowSec HQ with an island of HighSec areas 1 and 2 jumps away.
Casual laid-back atmosphere, mining fleets with Corp Ops
Reasonable Ship Replacement Plan (Frigates, Corvettes)
No Minimum Skillpoint Requirement


kneegohela / US TZ
command_marv / EU TZ (Alliance Contact)

Eve Public Channel: GT3K Public Relations (Only occasionally used, Discord and our website are our primary comms)
Corporate Discord: Click Here
Alliance Discord: Click Here

We keep our Eve tools and member information in our Forums!
GT3K Community Website: https://eve.gdcmanaged.com

Application Form
Do you have any Alts in-game? If yes, please elaborate.
Are you new to Eve Online?
Are you willing to particpate with Company and Alliance Operations?

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