Here are some of our needs in players and our requirements of our membership.

We are looking Newbie's and Bro's alike.

No Skill Points Required.

Must be willing to use Comms.

Must have Discord and Mumble Installed.

Must be registered with us here and the coalition websites.

Member Requests : All departments and all ready pilots.

High-Sec, Null, trainers with experience in both PVP and PVE styles of play will be given priority screening.

Manufacturing Specialists.

All types all levels of builders.

Planetary Consultants.

Experiences in the direct harvesting of planets and teaching others.

PVP Fleet and Home Defense.

We have a huge need in this area and are willing to setup something with any interested party.

Mining Families and Solo Miners

Our miners are the backbone to our corporation. We are currently able to offer members in corp a 95% of Jita Buyback.

Industrial Boosters

We are always looking to find members to work shifts if they want too.

We are here for you and if you have any questions please make contact with us at anytime on Discord.


Application Form
What part of Earth do you hail from?
What is your main focus in Eve at the moment?
If given the right living enviroment in eve can you support yourself or do you still need a mentor?
What is your current number of characters you play with daily?

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