Welcome to the Flatulaction Recruitment Page

The in-game recruitment ads do not give much room to type, so here is where we will layout a majority of information what the corp does, wants to do and is looking for.

What we do currently:

  • Small gang PvP/ cloaky PvP
  • LvL 4 Missions for making the iskies
  • Mining Ops with Orca Boosts (Alliance has a big industry section)
  • Gas Cloud HArvesting
  • Womrhole Exploration (Possibly having a corp dedicated wormhole in the near future)

What we Want to do:

  • Mid Scale PvP (Woulkd like to have at least 20 people)
  • Dedicated covert ops pilots (This includes Black ops for some BLOPS fun)
  • Corp to make enough money to fund an SRP program

As mentioned earlier the alliance has a heavy Industrial section, those players can also fly pvp ships but dont have much in the ways of experience so I would like this corp to become the guard dogs if ever necessary. I am looking for players of all ranges of experience with a want to and/ or ability to fight. PvP is an exciting adrenaline rush that makes this game amazing. We want to take that aspect and make it a daily, or at least weekly reality in this corp. 

As the CEO I have been playing EvE since 2010. I have been around the universe with High Sec Carebears, Low Sec Pirates and some of the Biggest Null Sec Alliances in EvE. I have experience in almost all aspects of the game and have decided that living in high sec, pvping in low sec without any of the activity requirements or politics of Null Sec is right where I want to be. I have told you my goals for this corp and i will continue to work diligently to reach those goals. I look forward to seeing you in the public chat, or you dropping an application to join corp. 

Fly Safe,

- Deablo Paco


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