ImperiaI Federation

Application Form
Where are you from ?
I understand i must add ALL my characters to EVE HR and join our Corp Discord
Give us a short tale about yourself
What is your discord-tag? (Example:John#1234)
What type of player are you ?

PVE ( Mining,missions, ratting )

PVP ( Kill all the player-things )

Both PVP and PVE ( I like to kill players as well as rats and rocks )

Do you have a working microphone and are you willing to use it?



Do you have more than 5 Million skillpoints?



I submit to the Emperors will

YES , Glory to the Emperor - May his light shine apon me .

NO , Fuck your Emperor

I can comit to at least five fleets per month



I understand that by joining the mighty GoonSwarm Federation that I am now becoming more than just a pubbie scum bucket and will now be able to get into goon heaven

Yes I love Goon

I don’t want to be a Goon

I am willing to provide the recruiter reviewing my application with screenshots of the character selection page of each account I own

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