Ironstar Industries and Research

  1. Corp in SOV holding Alliance opening its doors to recruitment. We are moving and will be based in Tenerifis, with a great group of dudes where content is just a fleet away.

    1. We offer
      A great community with experienced pilots and FC’s willing to help.
      Active in EUTZ and USTZ
      PvP fleets (from Small to coalition wide fleets)
      Good ratting and mining space and many other ISK making opportunities.
      Laid back group of dudes, no drama and none permitted.
      Growing Capital capability and willingness to use them.
    2. Requirements:
      Full API key
      5 million SP Minimum
      PvP Fleet Participation
      Active and team player
    3. Tools and Comms available:
      Voice comms : TS3
      Discord for Offline chat & Pings

    If interested send me a ingame mail to Ping Pangwang or join our in game chat IIAR Pub


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