Interstellar Evolved

Interstellar Evolved is an advanced money-making focused corporation, always on the lookout for capable pilots! We are looking for game-oriented players with a focus on building a strong alliance!  Great for beginners who learn fast and veterans always welcome!

If you want a relaxed, but rich Eve experience we are the corporation for you!

What we have:
  • Powerful Alliance + Friends
  • PvE, PvP, everything fun making that ISK
  • Awesome isolated Null-Sec pocket
  • Newbro Nullsec training
  • Mining and production 
  • Lots of Structures with Rigs 
  • No requirements, relaxed play!
  • No EMPTY promises!
  • TS and Discord servers

We focus primarily on industrial features of Eve such as mining (ore, ice, moon), ratting (combat sites), PI (planetary production), and construction (up to and including Titans!) We also run PvP fleets and other aspects of Eve. 

Come chat in our public channel:  IMEVO Pub 
Application Form
How long have you been playing EVE Online
What are you looking for in a Corporation?
Can you fly a Covetor?
Would you be willing to fly home def, and skill up for the ships needed to complement the doctrine for that?




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