Imperium Libertas

Imperium Libertas part of Federation Uprising Faction Warfare

Re-Call Alliance 

https://discord.gg/Y3VGVjU <---------CLICK HERE               

Little bit about us
We are an Alliance living in Black RiseWe are a relatively new alliance who is looking to expand, and make a name for our self, as a alliance we do ever thing from PVP-PVE to Industry! We have multiple upgraded systems around to make isk in and for you to use as you see fit, our location also gives us access to a lot of regions so finding stuff to kill is not a problem :p We have a tight knit group of player of all ages and all profession, from hardcore PVP'ers to Indy players with plenty of experienced who always eager to help.


What We Provide
-Teamspeak 3 server
-Alliance SRP
-PVP- Lots from Small Gang, Blop's, Capital to large TIDI SOV slug Fest ;)
- SOV Space/ Low sec hunting
-FC Programs
-Training Fleets/Fun Fleets
-Rorqual and Orca boosts
-Citadel access with upgraded reprocessing
-Fun and Layed back Atmosphere
-Understand real life comes first

We are looking for members/Corps of any size and any profession, but you must have a reasonably active player base, who is willing to work as a team, be friendly to other member and not cause to much drama! we don't have any SP requirements (everybody was a newb once) we do expect people though to join fleets when the occasional CTA is called. Also all corp member must be willing to jump on Teamspeak (don't have to talk) and also join standing fleet when logged on to eve. Will also Require Full API of all member in corps

If you're looking for a Fun going alliance, where your members will be treated as equal where they can PVP, learn new skills, make isk in relatively safety, have fun and take every opportunity and challenge that eve throws at us as our alliance grows, we might be a good choice for you!

If your interested Send me a mail, or convo me in game  (Renagadies)  or my Recruitment Team  (Amarranthe Amarra   wayland Jarr ) 



CEO /Alliance Director
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