Mischief Marauders

Are you looking for a life comes first community of new and veteran players?

Well you found it!

Mischief Marauders is looking to expand and grow with active members.

We are especially looking for pilots that play in the USTZ. 

What we offer:

Low-sec/Null-sec PvP roams

 Fleet Ship Replacement Program

Corp mining fleets/Orca boosts

Ore/Loot Buyback Program

Pve fleets for isk ( Hi-sec & Low-sec )

Promotion Opportunities


What we are looking for:

New & Vet Pilots Welcome

Pilots who want to engage in solo/fleet PvP

Ability to work as a team

Pilots with at least 1.5 million SP preferred 

(Exceptions can be made for the right candidate)

What we require:

Full ESI for main and alts

Step 1

Please send an in-game application to "Mischief Marauders" with the characters that you would like to join the corp with.

Step 2

Answer the questions at the bottom of this page and click the apply button.

Step 3

After your character is authenticated with Eve-HR add all alt characters to your Eve-HR.

Go to MyApplications and click "Add Alt Characters".

Step 4

Join our discord by clicking -----> Mischief Marauders Discord Invite

Once you have joined type "!apply" to join recruitment channel.

Feel free to join our in-game public channel: Marauders Pub

If you have any questions feel free to hit up our recruiters in-game: Sneergllaw and/or Paulie Purvanen

Application Form
How did you hear about us?
Do you have Discord and a working mic? (Recommended not required)
Do you have any alts? If yes please list names.
What is your time zone or EvE time you play most in? ex. CST or UTC -6
Why did you leave your last corp? (If applicable)
Anything else we should know?