Mental Industries

Welcome to Mental Industries. We are primarily an industry and PVE corp at the moment. Our operations take place in Hi-Sec, just a little out of the way of the public eye. We enjoy fueling the activities of ourselves and other capsuleers. We're currently in the process of building our operations through unofficial ties with other corporations in our home region. At the moment, we own 2 moons and a 52% base ore refinery. Moon mining ops are scheduled alternating biweekly, providing some valuable minerals for sale and production each week. We have trainiing and guides to help new Industry pilots get into harvesting and production.

We have the groundwork laid out for a rank-based chain of command structure as the corp grows (based on several factors such as skill levels and time with the corp). We also have a mining operation payout plan that is fair and offers incentives to all involved.

For the most part, we're a laid back corp without all the strict rules for time online and such that you can find elsewhere. We're happy to take people who want to log in on their own time and possibly be a part of something. New players are always welcome.

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