Neutral Born Killers

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    From the ashes of Eve, a group of capsulers seeking to restore old fashion sandbox game play and build PVP collective without dozens of Blues. We are playing and fighting to write-up fantastic stories which will become the legacy of New Eden
    # In-game goals and unstressed role-play
    * Staging areas in High sec
    * PvP events and doctrines
    * Active leadership
    * Build on Teamwork and communication in PVP
    # What are wee looking for:
    * New player-friendly, you need to have Omega or 1 mil SP as an Alpha.
    * Working coms: Microphone, Discord. And be ACTIVE as much as possible in comms when online.
    * Desire to PVP - you need to be sure that PvP is your gameplay style
    * Keep in hangar minimal set-up from the doctrines ships
    * Willingness to the game and learn new things
    * Mature mentality - we don’t care. how old you are…
    # For new pilots:
    * In house training
    * Compensation of training losses
    * Help with PvE (Abyssals/Missions)
    * We are a High Sec based PVP/PVE Corp. We run Abyssal sites/missions to fund PVP fun.
    * We operate a Newbro program to help new players learn the game, give advice on ships, skills and game mechanics,
    * Once you have joined, you will be given assistance with how to make ISK fast as a newbro, and Guidance with skill books to get you trained into the starter ships required.
    * Main requirements:
    * Be active in discord and voice comms
    * Have no fear and take pvp whenever you can * Development plans and academy for new players



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