Occupational Hazard

 We roll-play considering the game, as in making our own fuel for the POSs.

Please take a number and be seated, someone will probably not be with you shortly... so this is completely up to you. Read this MOTD for me. I, Sonuck  hoped to cover most of what we do. I don't like using regular recruiters. If you like what you see Start a conversation, Directors can put in their 2 cents worth in considering your membership in the corporation.

We are a High-Sec/C1/C4/C5 WH Indy/PVE corporation. We will PVP if required or some might get that feeling to pod some ganker.

Our current corp tax on PVE/PVP is 1%

We are a diverse corporation, both as humans and skill sets.

English IS Required, either as a primary, secondary, tertiary language

Open Recruitment Areas:
HS Amarr and Caldari Regions - within 10j of Amarr and Jita
Both High-Sec mining and industry, not to mention grinding Security missions.

We utilize TeamSpeak for comms,
If you PVP, you should also have Mumble & Ventrilo installed.

Once a pilot has passed the recruit phase, he/she is welcome to use our C5 that we've been in since Nov '11. Our C1 and shared C4 of course is available and there are numerous citadels in the C4/5, Just 1 in the C1 atm.

We mine ores and gas, extract PI and grind anoms.

What we offer
- Experience
- Corp issued ships for Corp Ops
- A good friendly group of people from all over the world

Applying to the corporation
we are recruiting,

Follow the instructions. APIs will be required

Thanks for your time


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