ORE Mining Consortium

ORE Mining Consortium is a new Eve Online High-sec corporation.  With the single goal of producing minerals for industrial or ISK making purposes.  

  • ORE buy back program. 
  • Access to BPC's for building.
  • Logistics support for supplying your operation.
  • Strippers
  • Discord https://discord.gg/edFv7f8
Application Form
Why are you looking for a new corp?
Why have you select OMC as the corp you wish to join?
What ship(s) are you currently mining in?
What do you use the minerals you mine for?
Do you have any other pilot(s) and/or account(s)?
What region are you currently mining or building in?
Do you prefer High-sec, Low-sec, Null-sec or Wormhole space?
Are you willing to re-locate if needed?

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