Kiith Paktu

Family-centered Veteran Pilots, passionate about a meaningful EvE experience;

Want to learn how to make at least 3x the ISK Pilots do in HighSec!?  Stop slowly sucking up ISK at less than half your potential!  Join Kiith Paktu in a highly lucrative Region of space, with a whole Family of Players to back you up and teach you the ways to WIN at Eve!

Kiith Paktu levels up your Gameplay Knowledge and Skills while we share in our mutual love for Internet Spaceships! :heart:

  • NulSec Sov-Systems

  • COMPLETE Infrastructure of Citadels

  • ALL Time Zones US, EU, AU

EVERY opportunity for all Career-Minded Pilots;

:diamonds: PvE - Ratting, Mining, PI

  • SOV NulSec Ratting
  • SOV Asteroid Mining
  • HIGH Value Moon Ore
  • Make ALL Level 4 PI
  • HIGHEST ISK Exploration Sites

:diamonds: PvP - Fleet, Gang, Warfare

  • Ship Replacement Program
  • Standing Fleet
  • Discord Pings for ALL Fleet Operations
  • Multi-Region Intel Channel
  • SECURE Comms

:diamonds: Industry - Production, Invention

  • NulSec Market Hub
  • BuyBack Program
  • Established Jump Freighter Logistics Service
  • Full Industry Infrastructure covering Refining / Manufacturing / Invention / Research / Reactions

PAK2 Corporation;

Kiith Paktu is an 'All Time Zones Corp' (US, EU, AU) fielding mature pilots from all over the world having a leadership structure in place for each Time Zone.  This means no Drama Queens, Bitter Vets, or generally toxic individual behavior.  This will NOT be tolerated.

Our group is very well established, being 15+ years old, and highly organized in a way that optimizes fun over everything else.  We operate in NulSec Sov Space offering a wide array of opportunities, opening new options for your EvE style of gameplay;


We operate in the Esoteria Region with Reeloaded., owning several Constellations of Sov, sharing several Regions with the larger Coalition systems surrounding.  These constellations are well protected, populated, and established with a full infrastructure of Citadels for all Ratting, Moon Mining, Production, and NulSec Market Hub activities.


Reeloaded. is very well organized, having Authorizations for Discord, Comms, and Wiki Website; all being secure logins with your EvE Online ESI.

○ There's also a Jump Freighter Shipping Service that has preset and custom locations, including custom contracts, to be adaptable and accommodate hauling your assets all over New Eden.

○ The various roams, strat-ops, and fleet operations have a FAT Link System that couples with a Ship Replacement Program to quickly track your progress and facilitate swift ship replacements.

These systems help our pilots to operate efficiently and with minimal hassle!

Kiith Paktu specifically looks for Pilots with a more mature mindset, that are passionate about learning EvE, and want to expand further into the game.  We provide you with a Step-By-Step Process to set yourself up for Corporation and Alliance Operations.  This includes a complete [optional] Overview, getting you quickly into your groove, and confidently using those Space Legs in your new Home!

If all of this interests you, then I'd like to have a short chat with you in our [PAK2] PUB channel.  We look forward to exploring many new adventures together in this great sandbox of the stars!

Application Form
What are your main PvE and PvP Activities in Eve Online?
Which Time Zone and Location do you play from?
How did you learn about Kiith Paktu?
Why are you choosing to apply with Kiith Paktu over all other corporations?
Do you have any aspirations or goals you'd like to accomplish in Eve Online?
What are you specifically looking for through joining a corporation?

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