Random Isk Seekers

Random Isk Seekers is still a small start up corp.  We are a group of random New Eden capsuleers with the goal of working for the benefit of self, each other and the corp.

We are nothing special, but a little of everything. You know, the wrong type of corp for hard chargers, ass kickers, and the like.  Instead we enjoy EVE, like to hang, relax and do our thing.  We are mainly Mining, PVE, and Industry.  However, we are known to enter into the other myriad things that make up EVE.  We like to be able to solicit help from one another while avoiding the drama llamas as much as possible.  We require a working use of the English language (Google Translate is too much trouble) and authorization to certain EVE character ESI read-only items, but don't have any skill minimum.  Also, we like new and old capsuleers, Alphas and/or Omegas......

So, if you are new to EVE, still haven't tried a non-NPC corp, tired of the rat race of a mega corp/alliance, want to ditch a high tax rate (ours is currently only 1%), or just ready for a change, consider us.  Just remember to check your ego at the door or you may get locked out.

If you have gotten this far, feel free to apply or contact Nadia Beezwax, Groman Leggant or Donna Askme in game for more info.

"Enjoy your game, Life is hard enough....."   

Application Form
Why do you want to join Random ISK Seekers?
Is this your main or an alt (it doesn't have bearing on you joining, we are just nosy)?
First off, what is your experience level in EVE Online?
Have you applied to the corp in game?

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