Rags To Nags

Do you wish EVE were harder?
Join Rags to Nags and quit living off of generational wealth. 

[PVE] [HARDMODE] [<10M SP] [Alpha/Omega] [HS->WH]

Rags to Nags is a group ironman project with the ultimate goal of building dreadnoughts from the ground up, using nothing other than materials we've harvested, processed, and built ourselves from BPOs we bought from NPCs.
This means:
No out-of-corp player-owned structures

No contracts, trades, or market transactions with players
Start with (approximately) nothing

The full list of rules and restrictions can be found on our Discord. https://discord.gg/TP66FDgnTu

We are accepting new accounts (preferred) or accounts with 10M or fewer skill points in Cruisers skill and below willing to start fresh with a meta-fit frigate and a meta-fit Venture, but you can ? if you choose to start with 0 ISK and a corvette and go run career agents and the SoE arc for a fresh start. If you have an existing Ironman account, let's chat on Discord.

Open to players in any TZ. Welcoming to players with developing English skills, especially if you'll teach us how to say something funny or interesting in your language. No comms requirements at this time. No activity level requirements.

This is hard. You'll probably go at it hard for a few weeks and burn out. That's ok, we'll still be here when you want to return.

We are currently stationed in Gallente HS near Amarr borderlands for easy access to missions. We make regular trips through wormholes to rat, explore, and mine in temporarily connected systems. We will soon(tm) be ready for a move to J-space to improve our PI and industry.

Notable achievements:

Procurers (before resource wars were deleted)
Vexor BPO
Built an Navy Apoc before a haitus in late 2020 to send off Dirt, a founding member

Current projects:

Grind out PI for an industrial complex.
Grind out ISK for an industrial complex BPO.
Complain about pirate frigate and cruiser build costs after the industry changes, and wait to see what "the end of scarcity" means for us.
Flex about playing EVE harder than the average bear.

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