Resurrection Skies Enterprises

Welcome to Resurrection Skies Enterprises

Are you a new player who has been ganked for the 10th time and is on the verge of rage quitting? Are you a returning player looking for a place to hang your flight suit and get back into the game without being becoming a nameless rock grinder for a faceless corporation who's leadership doesn't even know you're a member? Then you have come to the right place. Resurrection Skies in a new player focused corporation providing access to some of the most experienced players in EvE. Our mission is to get new players access to content and engagement that normally would require weeks, if not months, of solo play to achieve. From moon mining and reactions to wormhole dives and lo-sec roams, membership in [RXSK] provides the unique opportunities to new players usually reserved for those with years of in game experience.

EvE is an expansive world, with opportunities and career options and opportunities as diverse as the multitude of solar systems available to explore. Capsuleers, however, come out the tutorial with little more than a civilian mining laser and a corvette to fly in. No direction, no advice... just a ship and a laser and kick in the butt to get going. [RXSK] recognizes the confusion that having so many options can lead to, and how the expansive world of New Eden can become overwhelming. Most players end up mining in the form of asteroid belt grinding... a boring slog that earns very little money for the amount of time required to work to make it with the probable chance of being ganked by a pirate who's killing you for the lulz. PvP is a comical mismatch of being blown to vapor before you know what's even happening.

We've all been there ourselves, so we decided to do something about it.

[RXSK] is founded on the belief that new players are the life-blood of EvE, and without them New Eden withers on the vine and dies. Operating under that philosophy, we provide access to Fleet Commanders dedicated to training new pilots in PvP for both defensive engagements as well as aggressive, more offensive play, new players can begin honing their skills with a mentor to help expedite their training rather than figuring things out through the old "trial and error" method that leads to frustration and lost ships, and little else. [RXSK] also  puts you next to tried and true industry players with access to moons, reactions, and wormhole ores... not to mention the always-profitable gas clouds. For returning players this a jump back to your spot in line and for new players, it's the express lane to the parts of EvE that make it such a long running and beloved experience.

Come down to our recruitment offices in Discord and speak with one of our Recruiters about what membership in Resurrection Skies can mean for you, and how you can gain access to the best content in EvE today.