Rogue Inferno.

Rogue Inferno looking for PVP pilot

We are part of FI.RE Coalition 

We are an English speaking corporation inside one of the Russian Alliances in the game. 
our goal is to build a strong community of PVP Focused Pilots.

What we offer:
- Dayley Coalition fleets
- SRP for Coalition OPs
- Partial SRP for Roams (yes even solo roams)
- A wealth of game knowledge
- 0-2% Corp Tax
- An active community on Discord

What we are looking for: 
- Motivated Pilots that are looking to improve themselves and are ready to fail and try again
- 10 M SkillPoints main subcap pilot
- PVP enjoyers

Join "Rogue Inferno Public"
ingame for a Q&A if need bee
or oyu can join our Discorde at : https://discord.gg/JTkaqt3t

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