SeckDeck Industries

SeckDeck Industries: Infrastructure and Integrity

Greetings Capsuleer, and thank you for your interest in SeckDeck Industries!

Who are we?
At SeckDeck Industries, we pride ourselves on Infrastructure and Integrity.  Any corporation can possess large amounts of ISK, materials, and personnel, but the means to combine these elements into a cohesive unit is what makes SeckDeck competitive.  Founded after the great rift between the Caldari State and the Gallente Federation, SeckDeck has worked quietly in the background to ensure the safety and success of miners in high-sec empire space.  Today, SeckDeck continues its grand pursuit, recruiting fresh talent and skill to our ranks on a regular basis.

What do we do?
>> SeckDeck Industries boasts a significant number of active pilots in New Eden, many of which frequent local space regularly.
>> SeckDeck believes in economic prosperity; your taxes shall remain low and reasonable.
>> SeckDeck Planetary Interaction Operators work around-the-clock to provide the necessary materials and support to maintain our operations.
>> Just graduated from a New Eden Academy?  No problem!  SeckDeck boasts a new-pilot-friendly system of introduction for those looking to expand their universe.
>> SeckDeck Industries purchases Ore and Salvageable Materials (as well as garnered loot from pirate scum) at prices competitive to those obtainable at the Amarr Emperor Family Academy.
>> SeckDeck Industries understands that your Terran life takes priority over your time in the capsule and will never demand unreasonable flight hours or commitment from you.

So, you want to join.  What next?
>> You might have a great many questions.  Our recruiters are actively standing by to speak with you and ease your concerns and gain your trust!  Contact us through your NeoCom, at  Sdeck Recruitment.

Please remember to fill out the Application 

>> Once you've had your questions answered and send in your application!  SeckDeck Industries will then conduct a thorough background check and verification of racial background and education at a New Eden Academy.  This will require that you submit a full scope check as required by CONCORD Provision VLR 371-3.9.

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to working with you.  Remember: New Eden needs Integrity, and with your aid, we can provide the infrastructure.

SeckDeck Industries: Infrastructure and Integrity
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