Sefem Ortus

Welcome to Sefem Ortus

Sefem Ortus is looking for peeps for all kind of shenanigans. Whether you’re into PvP or PvE, piracy or being a carebear we are into it. The alliance has formed into a family of corps with differing interests that all work for a common goal… FUN in New Eden. We buy most pvp doctrines from our industrialists and we buy all loot obtained from PvE endeavours. We are also looking for EU/US Timezone corporations to support our initiatives in other timezones.

What can you expect from us?

What do we expect from you?

Discord Link

Senior Recruiters: Materia Stone (AU Tz), Unicorn Rex (AU Tz)

Junior Recruiters:  Currently Vacant

Application Form
Are you over 18 years old?
Do you have a microphone and are willing to have a quick verification chat on Discord or Teamspeak?
What is your Discord name?
Do you have any alts? If Yes, please name them ALL here.
What is your Timezone? e.g.AU, US, EU, GMT +1
Tell us a bit about yourself in game? e.g. what do you like to do in EVE? Why do you play EVE etc?