Svalbard Nursery SVK

      Svalbard Nursery SVK: casual and mature community looking to expand our player base

      About us

      We are a “real life always comes first” community who started as a teaching corporation for newbies and returning players.

      Now we are looking to expand our player base to all casual, mature and decent players out there while also giving opportunities for those who want to be more involved with a community of space friends or want to transition to a full nullsec experience.

      What are we looking for?

      • Newbies willing to play, learn and have fun in a positive environment (we are still a teaching corporation)
      • Casual players who want to do mining, explo, ratting or other PvE activities in highsec or nullsec
      • Veterans who want to teach the activities they like and share them with new (and not so new) players
      • People who want to get involved in a community, contributing their bit by doing what they like and helping when possible
      If you are a decent person who meets at least one of these characteristics, Svalbard Nursery is for you!

      What would we ask of you?

      • Treat friends and foes with respect
      • No-drama attitude
      • While it is acceptable to curse and use normal adult language (even when it is not 100% family friendly) any offensive, controversial or politically charged content is not allowed (no matter which “side” you are on)

      What do we offer?

      • Great people to fly and hang around with who’ll help you learn the ropes - none of those toxic edgelord trash-goblins, because those losers get booted!
      • No mandatory ops! We are mostly adults with real lives, so we understand you and respect your boundaries.
      • A corp Discord full of guides, infographics, videos and frequently updated info for all our beloved space-nerds
      • Welcome packages of easy-to-train and ready-to-use ships to start having fun and making isk from the start.
      • A friendly “pet photos civil war”. Drop by and share some dog/cat memes or embrace the chaos posting random cute animal memes! We love that stuff!

      And there is more!

      • A Highsec campus in the home of one of the best L4 agents.
      • A Nullsec campus with access to a full constellation to do PvE and some occasional PvP.
      • A weekly class schedule, with classes and fleets hosted by our staff, members and invited friends. Learn from friendly, experienced folks or become a teacher and share your knowledge with the new generations!
      • A consistent PvP incentive program with achievable and progressive goals and juicy rewards.
      • A sister corporation that you can graduate to for a full nullsec experience (access to even more PvP and PvE opportunities, more committed gameplay, fleets of all sizes, CTAs, kills, blood and glory). We are BFF so we share members, staff, various activities and even some Platonic loves

      Want to Join us?

      Join our discord Svalbard Nursery SVK or DM LucyFer Nandez#2104.

      Application Form
      How did you find the corporation?
      What are your favourite activities or your main focuses?
      Based on playing time and game experience. How would you define yourself?

      New player

      Returning player

      Veteran player

      What is your TZ? (If you have a different schedule than expected for a average player from your location, please tell the TZ that best suits your playing habits)
      Do you have any experience in the following activities or gamestyles?

      Small scale pvp

      Big scale pvp

      Combat pve (ratting, missions, DED hunting, etc)


      Mining and resource gathering


      Highsec life

      Lowsec life

      Nullsec life

      WH life

      None of the above/New player

      Do you accept to follow the rules including "NRDS" and "no RL controversial topics"? (See them in our Discord Server)

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