Statio Inc.

Statio Inc. - Join a growing NullSec community!

Who are we?
STAT0 is a multi-role NullSec corporation, founded in April of 2021, and are currently a member of the rapidly growing alliance COLONY. While our corporation and alliance continue to grow, we both have the
ultimate goal of retaining a "small corp" feel while still providing larger scale content from time to time. STAT0 contains mainly USTZ members, however the alliance as a whole includes most TZs.
We all value the community aspect of EVE, and pride ourselves on creating a space were all pilots can enjoy the game with like minded individuals.

What we do.
We are a multi-role corporation, meaning we partake in a variety of content. Most of us take part in mining, exploration, ratting, mission running, etc on a daily basis. Of course we do this so we can afford
to buy shiny toys that will blow up in spectacular fashion at some unknown time. We also enjoy our fair share of PvP and try to do it often. From nano-gang to big fleet action and a few bros to alliance level,
we do it all!

  - 5 MIL Skillpoints
  - Join Corp/Alliance Discords
  - Ability to use voice comms (Discord/Mumble) (Listen only is fine)
  - Active (We are a real life first group, if you are going to be away just let us know!)
  - Train into Corp/Alliance Doctrines (Current cap pilots, or those willing to train towards it are a bonus)

Obligatory List of Offerings:
  - Real life first, friendly community
  - Discord for voice and chatting
  - Join a growing community!
  - Opportunities for those interested in leadership
  - Access to ratting and mission running
  - Boosted mining fleets (Asteroid, ice, moon)
  - Alliance Buyback Program
  - Industrial/Research/Invention/Reaction/Refining structures
  - Alliance Hauling Program
  - A growing market
  - Small-Med Gang PvP
  - Large Fleet PvP
  - Nano Roams
  - SRP for Doctrine Ships

Our Future.
As a corporation, we try to constantly have goals our members can assist us in achieving. From adding more programs, to improving our infrastructure, and forming bigger/faster; we are constantly working to 
progress as a community. If you are looking for a home where you can participate and feel like you are apart of something, STAT0 might be right for you!

How to Join.
If you are interested in joining STAT0 you have a few routes you can take. You can either contact Solis Operandi via in-game mail, join our in-game pub channel Statio Tavern, join our Discord, or apply here!

NOTE - You will need to apply here to submit ESI tokens before you are accepted into STAT0. If you apply here first, you may be required to have an interview before joining STAT0.

Application Form
How many SP does your main have?
Is your main Omega? If not do you plan to upgrade soon?
What do you enjoy doing in EVE?
Have you lived in NullSec before?
Can you fly capitals? (Including Rorqual/Jump Freighter)
Have you ever held a specialized role in a corporation? (Recruiter, Industry, Fleet Command, etc)
Why did you leave your previous corp?
Why do you want to join STAT0?
What time zone do you play during?
Have you had a voice/in-game chat interview? (If yes, say who conducted the interview and skip the rest of the questions)

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