Strategic Initiative

Founded on May 9th, 2016.

Here at Strategic Initiative, we seek to empower new, and veteran players alike, to be capable of influencing a meaningful impact onto game in their desired way.

With that being said, real life comes first. For that, we specialize in creating businesses for the individual player that will sustain them through their time within this game, without the need for them to constantly log-in to maintain their subscriptions. We are currently small, but that is no detriment as we are tenacious towards our goals.

Members are obliged to do whatever in their free time that they desire. We do expect that if you choose a term of employment with us, that you will be guided towards expertise with running planetary colonies, advanced manufacturing and research processes, logistical management and market transactions. 

What We Offer

* Manufacturing, Research, Planetary Interaction, Logistics and Trading.
* Corporate events are scheduled on request and through our affiliates.
* We offer buyback programs for ores/minerals, loot, salvage, manufactured products, and trade commodities at market rates.
* We offer a thorough and growing library of researched BPOs for the industrious entrepreneur.
* We partner with affiliates to provide efficient facilities for production.
* A 0.0 tax and war-dec haven
* Plenty of eager help

In Development

* Incentive Program for Missioners
* Supplementary Insurance
* Third-Party Resources

What We Expect

We accept alphas and omegas, newbies and veterans alike. We expect you to engage with others in friendly demeanor and we also expect you to be active regarding your engagements within the game.

Prospectful Individuals and Corporations:

We are primarily searching for business partners who maintain expertise in establishing vertically integrated business units within this sandbox. Preferably you would have to have previous experience with T2/3, capital manufacturing, PI factory operations, inter-regional shipping or cross-regional market operations. We maintain a standalone existence. Those corporations seeking to merge will maintain their corporate privileges over their assets.

Merger Inquiry: Available

Accepted applicants will undergo a probationary period prior to being granted corporate rights. All corporate members are subject to subscribing to corporate policies, procedures, information bulletins and communication channels. Ignorance is no excuse. We shall be expanding current corporate holdings from late YC 121 through YC 122. If you still haven't found your place in this sandbox, and are still wandering from system to system, then do give us a consideration.

Discord: https://discord.gg/fZK34Hg (Contact corporate leadership for integration first) (Then register on Eve-HR)
Application Form
What is your current playstyle?
What is your most active timezone and days of the week?
How far are you currently skilled areas relating to production, science, planetary interaction and trade within Eve Online?
For how long have you played Eve Online actively and what are your experiences/lessons from it?
What are your expectations when considering a corporation to join within Eve Online?
What do you find, regarding past corporations that you have experienced, that keeps you engaged and active within Eve Online?
What are your current plans in Eve Online?
What are your aspirations regarding achievement or sustainability within Eve Online?
What third-party applications do you use to increase your capabilities and efficiency within Eve Online?
How do you currently make your ISK within Eve Online?
Are you open to trying our new activities and opportunities within Eve Online?
What is your current educational level?
What is your extent of knowledge with mathematics in general and how comfortable are you with applying mathematics to solve problems?
How good are you regarding patience?
What are your personal qualities that best describe who you are as an individual?
What do you think are the best things that motivate you to not only excel but also to be the best person that you can achieve?
What fascinates or interests you in general, either mundane or academic?
What is your current or future occupation in real life?
What sorts of other interests or hobbies do you partake in real life?
What other games do you partake in?
In what areas would you like personal mentoring in within Eve Online?
In what areas would you like personal mentoring in general?
Do you have any concerns regarding anything in general?
Do you have any comments regarding anything in general?
What is your current in-game affiliation? (Answer only if you are joining on behalf of a merger)
Have you linked all alternate characters that meet our requirements in your application (Answer only if you are joining on behalf of a merger)

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