Stronghelm Corporation



Stronghelm Corporation is a casual, laid back, low stress corporation whom is a member of the 1600+ member alliance [SLYCE] Solyaris Chtonium. Our members take part in all areas of EvE including Mining, Industry, Exploration and PVP. We own our own [SOV] Sovereignty systems in Etherium Reach where we have access to 136+ moons, 24 fantastic mining belts and an ice system, we have 20 planets with the ability to make T4 PI components and highly profitable and nearly limitless combat sites and complexes.

For those interested in PVP. We took part in several major wars and have daily alliance and coalition sponsored PVP fleets. Our alliance has skilled FC’s and a training program for learning how to PVP. We also encourage our PVP oriented members to participate in the NPSI community. Our mature members enjoy socializing with like minded players who don’t take politics too seriously.

We do fly big boy toys but we primarily enjoy small or large gang PVP in Low or Null. However we are also PVE friendly, and all of us take part in some form of PVE to make ISK to buy ships and support the corporation. We are new player friendly and are willing to offer advice to help make your new player experience the best you can. We are most active during US and EU timezones but accept all time zones.

What we offer:

What we want:

If your looking to join a great corp, join the Stronghelm Corporation.

Killboard: 24

For more information join our Discord: 7

and visit our in game channel “Stronghelm Corp"

or Evemail: Tommas Crowbarius

Application Form
How long have you lived in nullsec?
What activities do you enjoy doing in EVE?
Are you able to attend PVP fleets?
What time zone are you most active OR what eve hours are you most active?
Do you have any goals or parts of the game you want to learn or master?