Serenity Cartel

Serenity Cartel Has recently reformed and gone back to our roots as a NS Corp. With a focus on PVP, and isk making on the side.

Are you looking for an active, relaxed, no drama corporation that focuses on all aspects of EVE?

Serenity Cartel is an Australian timezone corp living in Scalding pass, as a proud member of Straya Post. If you want to join a bunch of Aussies that just like to have a good time, continue reading!
Our Killboard (Not that we care): ( 21)

What’s in it for you:

What we expect from you:

If you are interested in joining us or want to find out more, join the ‘S…C Public’ channel in game and talk with our recruiters. If nobody is online please feel free to mail any questions to dylanstar12 Erata in game. or come join our discord ( 1)